Why I hate the media: XLVIII

Monday, December 02, 2013

Why I hate the media: XLVIII

It's crap like this:

Actor-comedian dies, 6 hurt in Wisconsin deer-hunting opener

Now, what is the reader to not unnaturally suppose before clicking on the link to the story? Opening day of deer sea­son, Right? Woods full of blood sport hunters?

Right! That's just what the headline writer wants you to think, when in reality the "actor-comedian" Jay Leggett died, according to his mother, of "a massive heart attack."

Jay Leggett

Hunting enthusiast Leggett's death from natural causes after he'd been in the woods participating in the first day of Wisconsin's gun deer season, was simply coincidental.

The crafting of the headline wasn't!

In 2010 Leggett had co-written, co-produced and co-directed an independent documentary, "To The Hunt," born of his love for deer hunting.

Someone on the Editorial staff of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel clearly doesn't appreciate Leggett's passion... why else would they incorporate "6 hurt in Wisconsin deer-hunting opener" into the headline reporting his passing?

If that newspaper had a scintilla of integrity, there would be a firing and a resignation!


1. WR Moore said...

Resignations? Terminations? Surely you jest.

While I've met a very few (you should pardon the expression) journalists with some concept of integrity, lack thereof seems to be part of the job description for editorial staff/publishers, etc. of print or electronic media. On-air personnel have it cooked out by their blow dryers – if they had any to begin with.

I'll disagree... just a tad, at least.

In this age when the 7:00 pm television time slots are filled with gossip and celebrity gawking to the accompanyment of pop music, and everyone wants to emulate "TMZ", there are still some with journalistic standards and ethics, witness CBS' recent "60 Minutes" suspensions of Lara Logan and producer Max McClellan over a flawed Benghazi report which aired in October. Also last month, "Guns & Ammo" fired Dick Metcalf, one of its top writers, and the Editor Jim Bequette resigned, after Metcalf published a column inimicable to the beliefs of hard corps Constitutionists.

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