Marking the 2013 Ballot - II

Monday, November 04, 2013

Marking the 2013 Ballot - II

...and trying to find someone new to the Town Ballot who has chosen to forego the commonplace "preserve our way of life" or "protect our natural resources" platitudes, and of­fered up a promising solution to a genuine issue.

Alas, I look in vain!

And it's not due to a lack of issues at any strata!

Take for instance the five Southampton Town Trustees which, among other issues, has been the lawsuits they've prosecuted or defended in respect to their guardianship of our bays and ocean bottoms, marshes and Rights of Way to these common areas... what do any of the five challenging candidates (across all parties) have to say about this? Have the recent Boards been too aggressive or too lax?

(I mean, step up and say something substantitive!)

Another contentious Trustees-related issue involves the Westhampton Cemetery and the perceived screwing the Association received from then Trustee President Scott Strough in denying the proposed land swap to allow a critical expansion after an informal agreement had been made.

That issue cost one local Board member, first-termer Brian Tymann, his re-election bid because he didn't fight hard enough to get the rest of the Trustees to hold up their end of the land-swap deal!

That was four years ago, and the matter is still open... where are we to inter the remains of our dead?... yet not one of the candidates, incumbent or challenger, has chosen to speak to the matter.

(In casual conversation several weeks ago with one of the candidates, he felt that something might be work­ed out with the old Bailey's Motel property to the West.

Okay, so it's remote rather than contiguous, but again, where shall we bury our dead? And that def­initely pertains to "our way of life.")

And there there's the Town Board races... the only new­comer I know anything about is Brad Bender. I thought he was a solid candidate two years ago when he narrowly finished third, and I haven't changed my mind.

(This is one of the few candidates on which The Press' Editorial Board and I concur: he deserves a shot. As noted last time, Bender will provide much needed rep­resentation at the Northwest end of Town!)

Finally, we get to the County Legislative race: incumbent Jay Schneiderman and term-limited Southampton Town Councilman Chris Nuzzi, and here we get to the question of character and integrity.

I've never cared much for Schneiderman... in his ten years in Hauppauge he's always seemed like an ineffectual nebbish whose biggest accomplishment was managing to recycle himself three times past the reviewing stand of the West­hamp­ton Beach St. Patrick's Parade each year.

(Big props for fast and sneaky, Jay!)

Affable challenger Nuzzi should be the odds-on choice here... except for those pesky little items of character and integrity.

Those were called into serious question three years ago during the horrendous Kratoville affair, when Nuzzi carried on a resolution to appoint a Republican Party water-carrier from Riverhead, to the restored1 $149,457 position of Town Management Services Administrator.

Russell Kratoville had been a political appointee, Riverhead Town Deputy Supervisor under Jim Stark, who, after a decade, lost his position due a change of administration and, with his wife, sued Town of Riverhead for, among other things, loss of consortium...

(No shame chez Kratoville, eh?!)

...and wound up settling the civil action for a reported $105,000 before moving on to serve as a Suffolk Regional Off-Track Betting official!

Knowing all this, the Nuzzi/Nancy Gaboski/Jim Malone bloc appointed Kratoville anyway, over the vociferious objections of Supervisor Anna Throne Holst and Councilwoman Bridget Fleming as well as a hasty assemblage of "Progressive" members of the public.

I suspected at the time that this was a Nuzzi deal, probably at the direction of former Southampton Town Supervisor Junior Heaney.

Cut to end of Summer 2013 when a very irate Mrs. Russell Kratoville showed up at Town Hall demanding an audience with Councilman Nuzzi, in re what of a personal nature was going on between Mr. Russell Kratoville, having left her bed and board, and a certain divorcée in the Town Attorney's office.

(A-ha! Hank-panky behind the scenes of Town Hall!)

That it was Nuzzi with whom she took this up, pretty much confirms that he was Kratoville's "rabbi" on the Town Board, and "owns" the appointment.

But really, so what?

Simply this... past performance predicts future behavior, and if Mrs. Kratoville was happy to sign off on the loss of consortium suit, then she'll likely be delighted to institute some sort of alienation of affections action against South­ampton Town!

It'll be messy, and that's going to be one of Chris Nuzzi's legacies as a Councilman.

It was all about back-room politics, not good government... and as I've noted, past performance predicts future be­havior... whose water would he be carrying as a member of the Suffolk County Legislature?

The polls are open tomorrow from 6:00 am 'til 9:00 pm.

  1. The Southampton Town Board had just eliminated that same position, Town Management Services Administrator, held by Richard Blowes, as a budgetary metter!


1. EastEnd68 said...

Two more years for Jay!

Who'd'a-thunk it? This was the first real challenge Schneiderman has had, and he kicked Nuzzi's butt by more than 2-to-1!

Not to worry about the lame duck Councilman, though... the GOP will find a soft landing spot for him.

2. EastEnd68 said...

I'm sure Skip needs an aid or something.

An aide to what? He is at present without portfolio.

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