Hurricane Sandy +1

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hurricane Sandy +1

Yeah, I know... the Government, in league with the insur­ance industry, wants it known as "Superstorm Sandy," but I was here and I know what we lived through.

I also know what I've lived through from "Carol" in '54 through Isabel in '03, and they were all hurricanes, damnit!

And if anyone thinks I'm being strident about it, I know people in Breezy Point who will be happy to punch your eye closed if you'd care to take up the same issue with them... their husbands would likely do worse.

The three vehicles right after the tree fell.

But I'm not about recrimina­tions at this juncture... yes, our front yard was a hugely popular photographic desti­nation for the rest of that week, but the wood from that tree which wiped out two cars and damaged a third, is presently fueling our fire place and should probably last the rest of this Winter.

Aside from that tree being down, so were the chips... for 12 days we were without power, telephones, Internet or heat.

We were not, however, without friends... there were Police Chief Ray Dean, Country Heroes empresario Donny Lipari, Fred Bauer and, new to the community at the time, Danielle Zubille, who quickly put the lie to the belief that one couldn't be Director of the Westhampton Free Library and have a personalty at the same time.

(She also showed that she can think on her feet and rise to an occasion!)

Rosco and Gracie

Jeanne and I have often re­flected on that period when we had to "rough it" in our own home, and the most critical assets in our survival: Rosco and Gracie. They pro­vided warmth while we slept at night... usually 5:30 pm 'til 5:00 am, and they were terrific companions and watchdogs throughout.

It was a rough time, but in retrospect, it could've been much worse... we were never threatened by rising waters.


1. Ronnie Avallone said...

We all have a "Sandy" story especially living on the South Shore but I am glad the community came to your rescue and your family survived intact. See, you are loved!

Well, I wouldn't go that far... but friends and dogs are good!

2. Jackie Bennett said...

O hell yes Speir you and your lovely lady are dearly loved. Louise and I will remain eternally grateful that you sheltered us in that storm and protected us from the waters that flooded us. You two are the best.

Thank you, dear laady... as for the other, jus' bein' neighborly.

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