You know what <i>really</i> irks me?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You know what really irks me?

2013 World Series logo

The 109th World Serious starts this evening... and yes, it irks me no end that my Dodgers won't be repre­sent­ing the National League when the first pitch is thrown.

That, however, is a matter of partisan pique... what I con­sider shameful was exemplified by a USA Today headline dur­ing the NL Division Series earlier this month:

Carlos Beltrán ties Babe Ruth in postseason home runs

Yeah? Not by my metrics, he didn't!

The article makes an effort to equalize the "post season" careers of Ruth and Beltrán but... this is not to denigrate the considerable accomplishments of the latter during his 16 year career... prior to 1969, the only post season was the best of seven Fall Classic.

Withstanding the ça m'est égal apples-oranges approach taken by USA Today, my point becomes clearer on the Wiki.Answers page responding to the inquiry:

"Who has the most postseason home runs?"

Of the top ten players, only Ruth (15) and Mickey Mantle (18) predate the "postseason" as we know it today, and hit all their homers in the World Series!

In the remaining eight of the top ten slots, two or more are occupied by drug (PED) cheats!

The "all-time leader" with 29 homers, Manny Ramirez, only hit four of them in the World Series!

And the only one with more than Bernie Williams' five, is that consumate hot dog Reggie Jackson with 10... which puts him behind Duke Snider who had 11, but who isn't on the list because he only played in the pre-'69 era.

So as we head into this evening's (Dodgers-less) Fall Classic, let's see who actually performs on the greatest stage in the history of America's passtime!


1. EastEnd68 said...

I agree that the playoffs have water down all those records. Comparing the entire playoff to the World Series is very misleading. No one is even close to Ruth.

Well, Mantle actually surpassed the "Bambino" with 18 home runs in 65 World Series games (230 at bats), to 15 homers in 41 games (129 at bats), so there's something to be said for longevity.

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